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What's a transitional vertebra?

Sometimes the bottom vertebra of the spine (L5) or the top of the Sacrum (S1) forms slightly different than usual.
If the L5 decides it wants to be part of the sacrum it's called "sacralization" and when the S1 wants to be more like the lumbar spine it's called "lumbarization".
These changes happen in about 10% of the population and most of the time they don't cause any problems for the spine. But recent research may be pointing a different way.
In a recent study that involved 1,875 young males with low back pain (LBP), researchers observed that 32% of the participants had a lumbosacral transitional vertebra and that the most common subtype of transitional vertebra was associated both disk and facet degeneration.

Source: La Radiologia Medica, 2018.

Tips to Handle Growing Pains

Treating Growing Pains in Kids

Growing pains, want some tips to help ease them? Growing pains generally occur in kids when they become physically active and their relatively immature muscles try to keep up. In order to help manage the pain and develop healthier muscles the American Academy of Pediatrics advises several steps to be taken. First, take rests during athletic play. Next have your child participate in a variety of activities/sports. Finally, when the pains become bothersome, try a warm bath and a gentle massage before bedtime.

Source: American Academy of Pediatrics, 2018

Neck Dysfunction & Voice Disorder

Neck Dysfunction and Voice DisordersCan your neck dysfunction contribute to a voice disorder?

Among a group of 100 patients with voice disorders, researchers found an association between neck (specifically the cervical spine) dysfunction and increased symptomatic voices. The research team expressed that the dysfunction of the cervical spine should be considered when diagnosing a voice problem.

Source - The Journal of Voice in 2018.

Neck Pain and Stretches

Stretches for neck pain, does it matter? The simple answer is OF COURSE IT DOES! Recent research looked at sedentary workers with neck pain and the different stretches they performed. Some performed active stretches some performed static stretches. The conclusion? Both were about the same. The participants performing stretches of ANY TYPE reported improvements in range of motion, pain threshold, and perceived disability. Just imagine how much more effective those stretches would be if your neck was properly aligned with a chiropractic adjustment. Contact us to see if neck treatment and/or neck stretches would be beneficial to you.

Source: The Journal of Back and Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation, 2018