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Advanced Medical Wellness Center now offer Peptide Therapy

We are now offering Peptide Therapy for weight loss! This is a new FDA approved therapy as of 2021. Peptides are an exciting way to boost your ability to lose weight and attain those fitness goals!

What is Peptide therapy?

In recent years, peptides have been a growing part of the healthcare field. They have been used successfully for a wide variety of conditions. Our bodies naturally produce peptides but as we age the number and quality of specific peptides may decline.

Why is this important?

Peptides act as building blocks and signaling proteins that regulate thousands of functions within your body. They can act directly within your cells, or they can instruct cells on what functions to perform. Some peptides are responsible for providing pain relief, repairing soft tissues, increase healing, reverse sexual dysfunction, improve cognitive function, and regulate hormones.

How can we use peptides?

After discussing your particular needs and goals a treatment planned is formed that fits your unique situation. This targeted treatment works to produce the desired reaction within your body, using your body’s own processes.

What can Peptide therapy treat?

  • Weight loss
  • Hormone function
  • Increased athletic performance
  • Soft tissue healing
  • Immune system
  • Digestion and Gut healing
  • Improved Cognitive function

Advanced Medical Wellness Center offers Peptide Therapy

Is peptide therapy for me?

Because peptides are found throughout everyone’s body naturally, when they are out of balance or are not functioning to their optimal degree, you will see disfunction. Adding peptides to your body will help to restore function to its optimal level. Peptides are delivered to your body with little to no side effects because they mimic your body’s own peptides. While it’s important to know that peptide therapy is not an instant magical cure, if you are looking for a powerful way to utilize your body’s own abilities and naturally make improvements then peptide therapy could be for you!