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Disk injuries & Slipped Disks

Common Disc InjuriesBetween your spinal bones (vertebrae) are flexible, gel-like pads called intervertebral discs that give your spine its curves and flexibility (a curved flexible spine is stronger than a straight, rigid one.) Discs affect your height too-you are about ¼” – ½” taller when you wake up than when you go to sleep. This is due to gravity making your discs thin a little when you walk and sit during the day and expand a little while you lie in bed.

Herniated DiskDo you have a “Slipped” Disc? A disc cannot “slip” since it is knitted into the vertebrae from above and below. What sometimes do slip are the vertebrae. Many “slipped” discs would be more accurately called slipped vertebrae or subluxations.

Is back surgery effective? According to Robert Mendelsohn, MD, “I have seen more than one case in which spinal surgery was avoided by individuals who decided, as a last resort before going under the knife, to see a chiropractor…” His remark has been underlined by many others who have been able to avoid back surgery.

What impact has Chiropractic care had versus surgery? For many years Chiropractic has been able to save people from spinal surgery. There are reports of an MRI or other imaging device revealing a disc herniation or protrusion in the neck or low back which was reduced or completely reabsorbed under chiropractic care. I one study 27 patients documented with disc herniation were given chiropractic care. Post-care MRI’s revealed that 63% of the patients had a reduced or completely reabsorbed disc herniation and 78% returned to work.

What helps prevent Disc Problems? Chiropractic has been a blessing to many suffers of spine and disc problems. Chiropractic is not, however, a “treatment” for conditions. It is care for your entire body. Many times patients visiting their chiropractor for a back or neck problem have been pleasantly surprised at the holistic or whole body effect of chiropractic. Chiropractic care may help prevent your spine from deterioration and herniation, and have a positive affect your overall body wellness.