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We offer Arthritis ManagementArthritis has long been considered one of the many consequences of aging, manifesting itself in different degrees among individuals. But is arthritis really natural? Should it be accepted as unavoidable after its first onset? Evidence shows that it's much more complicated than that.

What Causes Arthritis?Lower Back Arthritis The cause of arthritis has eluded traditional medical practitioners for decades. Evidence is now revealing that subluxation degeneration is the underlying cause of osteoarthritis ("wear and tear" arthritis), and includes an excessive buildup of calcium and mineral deposits in the critical joints of the spine and elsewhere. This buildup is similar to the way the body mends broken bones - except now the body is slowly fusing adjacent spinal bones together. 

Normal curves and proper disc spacing allow normal function of the spine and nervous system. Unfortunately, the buildup of calcium limits movement, fills in the spaces, and compresses the nerves and blood flow. 

Can Chiropractic Stop this Degeneration? Chiropractic adjustments can prevent subluxation degeneration. With early detection from regular chiropractic checkups, appropriate chiropractic care has been shown to slow, stop, or even reverse the early stages of this subluxation degeneration (arthritis) process.