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Advanced Medical & Wellness Center

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Advanced Medical & Wellness Center
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Why choose AMWC?
Advanced Medical & Wellness Center provides digital x-rays

We offer all of our patients, the most advanced treatments and therapy options available,

Health & Wellness

We combine the latest in advanced chiropractic practice with ancient wellness techniques cultured for centuries.

Dr. Derek Black D.C.

You'll find all of our staff members very knowledgeable, attentive and friendly.

Advanced Medical & Wellness Center

We are located at 3060 Dayton Xenia Rd
Suite # A, in Beavercreek Ohio.


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AMWC Physical Therapy
AMWC Physical Therapy - Shoulder

AMWC commonly performs specific treatments on a wide variety of joints and muscular problems throughout the entire body.

AMWC Treatment - NormaTec

Speed recover time, increase healthy blood flow, nourish your muscles and joints all while relaxing with the NormaTec Compression technology.

AMWC Physical Therapy - Neck

Muscle Energy Technique activates specific muscle movements and encourages joint motion to encourage healthy range of motion.

AMWC Physical Therapy - Hip

By using an operator-applied counterforce the muscular contractions can be controlled to benefit the muscles and joints.

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Chiropractic Care
Musculoskeletal & Nervous System Disorders
Musculoskeletal & Nervous System Disorders

Common symptoms; back pain, neck pain, pain in the joints of the arms or legs, and headaches.

Chiropractic Exam

We utilize a specialized team of experts who command the latest cutting edge technology for patient examinations.

Chiropractic Diagnosis

Every individual is different, therefore proper diagnosis is a fundamental part of AMWC’s success at improving our patient’s quality of life.

Chiropractic Treatment

Spinal adjustment/manipulation is one core treatment in chiropractic care, and at ADVMWC we have the most advanced treatment options available.

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BOTOX Cosmetic
PRP Treatment Points

BOTOX Cosmetic is a prescription med. injected into muscles, used to temporarily improve the look of facial lines.

Relieve Tendinitis Pain
Before and after

A BOTOX Treatment before and after image, where you can see the areas of improvement for this patient.

Health & Wellness
Before and After

Another BOTOX Treatment before and after image where you can also see the areas of improvement after treatment.

PRP Therapy Injections
Crows Feet

BOTOX is a common treatment for Crows Feet, forehead lines and frown lines between the eyebrows.



Acupuncture - The Benefits
Health & Wellness
Pain management

For thousands of years’ acupuncture has been used to help people manage their pain.

Health & Wellness
Emotional Disorders

Acupuncture is helpful treatment given to who deal with anxiety and depression, as well as other emotional issues.

Dr. Derek Black D.C.
Digestive Problems

Acupuncture is used to help treat digestive issues such as nausea, vomiting, & irritable bowel syndrome.

Advanced Medical & Wellness Center
Neurological Issues

Acupuncture is helpful in treating neurological problems like migraines or Parkinson’s or a rehab strategy for stroke suffers.


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Health and Well-being
Health & Wellness

We offer Dry Needling treatments for chronic and acute pain relief, and most can't even feel the needles..

Health & Wellness

There's not much that matches a great massage, and that's what we offer. A great way to relieve soreness and stress.

Dr. Derek Black D.C.

cupping therapy is an alternative therapeutic method that has been popular in China since around 1000 B.C.

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Peptide Therapy

Advanced Medical Wellness Center now offer Peptide Therapy

We are now offering Peptide Therapy for weight loss! This is a new FDA approved therapy as of 2021. Peptides are an exciting way to boost your ability to lose weight and attain those fitness goals!

What is Peptide therapy?

In recent years, peptides have been a growing part of the healthcare field. They have been used successfully for a wide variety of conditions. Our bodies naturally produce peptides but as we age the number and quality of specific peptides may decline.

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Alert: the Advanced Medical & Wellness Center is OPEN & accepting new patients

Boost your Immune System with Chiropractic CareEspecially in these turbulent times it is important to keep all aspects of your health in line. Chiropractic not only helps with musculoskeletal aches and pains, it also helps to boost your immune system. In fact during the 1918 Spanish Flu pandemic people who received chiropractic care died at a rate of .25% while everyone else who didn't had a 5% death rate (Source). 

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Advanced Medical & Wellness Center

Chiropractic Care and Your Health

Chiropractic is one of the more widely used and accepted practices within alternative medicine. The level of acceptance in the United States has increased in recent years, as partially proven by widespread health insurance coverage for chiropractic care. Chiropractic care can be the answer for patients seeking relief from their musculoskeletal complaints and has been a successfully employed treatment for a variety of conditions and complaints. Many types of musculoskeletal conditions are the reason patients seek out the treatment from a chiropractor. Now, by incorporating a team approach with multiple disciplines in the same building, we are able to provide collaborative and comprehensive treatment for the overall wellness of our patients. This results in better outcomes, faster recovery and returning patients to their activities of daily living.

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