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Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine are considered ongoing processes of maintaining balance and harmony in the circulation of qi and blood. There is a vital energy or life force known as "qi" that circulates in the body through a system of pathways called meridians. Oriental Medical diagnostics analyze symptoms and categorize conditions based on each individual's body, allowing for an exclusive and harmonized experience.

Periodically the body will go through a change, whether it is due to an injury, change in environment, contract an illness, flare up of a chronic illness, stress, lack of sleep, and a host of other problems. When these changes occur, your body becomes out of balance. Sometimes there will be too much fluid, other times not enough fluid in an area of the body. Sometimes the nervous system is excited and fires too much; sometimes it’s not firing enough. Sometimes areas of the body have too much heat; sometimes they are cold. Because the body thrives when it is balanced, it is important to return it to this balanced state. Acupuncture works to restore balance. The patient is treated with small needles to stimulate the nerves, muscles, and connective tissue. This stimulation occurs along the meridians to produce a balancing effect the body needs.

Most often when the needles are applied to the patient, it is in a lying down position with no additions. After a predetermined amount of time the needles are removed and the treatment is concluded. It’s as simple as that! However sometimes there is a need for additional stimulation to the body. In these cases the doctor can use a gentle electric stimulation with the needle itself or apply a warming heat lamp to a specific area of the body. In essence acupuncture uses the body’s own healing mechanisms to right the issues going wrong in your body.

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