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Advanced Medical & Wellness Center

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Advanced Medical & Wellness Center

Angie Boyd LMT

AMWC Staff Massage Therapist - Angie BoydGraduate of the American Institute of Alternative Medicine , Columbus OH in 2006. She is a client focused massage therapist with a work history of over 12 years. Angie strives to receive positive results in therapeutic sessions for clients with injuries as well as active clients who require a variety of bodywork to reach athletic goals. She is certified in Soft Tissue Manipulation using the Fibroblaster (a tool similar to Graston Technique).

Dr. Derek Black D.C.

AMWC Staff - Dr. Derek Black D.C.

Dr. Justin Vinson D.C.

AMWC Staff - Dr. Justin Vinson D.C.

Marjorie Freisthler FNP-BC

AMWC Staff - Marjorie Freisthler FNP-BC

Robert McNeal ATC

AMWC Staff - Robert McNeal

Scott Pritt PT

AMWC Staff - Scott Pritt PT

Song-Hwi Chi

AMWC Staff - Song-Hwi Chi

Angie Boyd LMT

AMWC Staff Massage Therapist - Angie Boyd